Premium Robola of Kefalonia Ainos Wines

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Premium Robola of Kefalonia by Ainos Wines, Tavianatos Vineyard

Protected Designation of Origin

Dry White Wine 12,5% VOL

Robola Premium is one of the wines of Ainos Wines and is produced from the Robola variety of Kefallinia, from selected mountain vineyards of low acreage yield. It is one of the wines with Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) of Greek wines and is one of the noblest local traditional varieties. It is cultivated exclusively in Kefalonia within the Robola zone at an altitude of 500 meters. The peculiarity of this wine is mainly due to the characteristics and the relief of the soil in which it is cultivated. It is a rocky, calcareous and barren soil with a high content of calcium carbonate. This kind of soil is found on the slopes of Mount Ainos. The place where the grapes are harvested for the winemaking of Robola Premium. These slopes are known to provide earlier and better quality raw material. Also, in such soils, the fluctuations of daily temperatures are smaller than in the lowlands, thus avoiding frost, while at the same time cold air layers are concentrated at the bottom without significantly affecting the temperature on the slopes. This results in favorable results in production. Irrigation is usually not applied and the water requirements of the crop are met by the annual rainfall, while the nutrients are almost exclusively by photosynthesis, due to the intense and long duration of sunshine in this location. The high altitude and all the soil-climatic conditions create a special microclimate, where in combination with the yield of the vineyards that does not exceed 750 kg per acre, they compose high quality wine with excellent organoleptic characteristics. Ainos Wines uses suitable cultivation methods to produce the authentic raw material and then with mechanical methods and the use of stainless machines applies low pressures for the squeezing of the grapes and the slow extraction of the must and then the achievement of controlled alcoholic fermentation. The above procedure compensates the consumer by giving white dry wine with a light body and fine character from which aromas of fresh fruits and citrus flowers emerge.

750 ml

Greek Product
Barcode: 5200125170021

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